Workshop on Network Cascades: Unfolding, Modeling, and Control

A characteristic property of networks is their ability to propagate influences, such as infectious diseases, behavioral changes, and failures. An especially important class of such contagious dynamics is that of cascading processes (or complex contagion). These processes include, for example, cascading failures in infrastructure systems, extinctions cascades in ecological networks, and information cascades in social systems (Phys. Today 70 (1), 32 2017). This workshop will feature recent progress and challenges associated with the modeling, prediction, detection, and control of cascades in networks.

For information on event registration and venue, please visit the webpage of the 2018 International Conference on Complex Systems.


Adilson E. Motter, Northwestern University


Cynthia Chen, University of Washington, Abstract

Leonardo Duenas-Osorio, Rice University, Abstract

Paul Hines, University of Vermont, Abstract

Gyorgy Korniss, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Abstract

Maxi San Miguel, IFISC, Palma de Mallorca, Abstract

Takashi Nishikawa, Northwestern University, Abstract

Saleh Soltan, Princeton University, Abstract


July 23, 2018 (Monday, Room Paul Revere)

2:00-2:40PM: Takashi Nishikawa - Vulnerability and Co-susceptibility Determine Large Network Cascades

2:40-3:20PM: Maxi San Miguel - Complex Contagion: Competition, Dual Users and Heterogeneous Adoptability

3:20-3:40PM: Short Break

3:40-4:20PM: Cynthia Chen - A Universal Methodology for Learning Cascading Failure Dynamics in Complex Systems

4:20-5:00PM: Saleh Soltan - Comparing the Effects of Failures in Power Grids under the AC and DC Power Flow Models

5:00-5:40PM: Long Break

5:40-6:20PM: Paul Hines - Cascading Failures in Power Grids Coupled to Other Infrastructure Networks

6:20-7:00PM: Gyorgy Korniss - Cascading Overload Failures in Spatially-Embedded and Random Networks with Distributed Flows

7:00-7:20PM: Short Break

7:20-8:00PM: Leonardo Duenas-Osorio - After Cascades: Optimal Restoration Processes for Interdependent Networks

8:00-9:00PM: Round Table Discussion

Background image from Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 248302 2017.